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Logo Maker


The Logo Maker by Laughingbird Software is the easiest way to create images for your business. You can create a logo for your site, blog, emails, advertisements, coupons, videos and social media.
You know that a designer will take lots of time and money to make even one logo, not to mention to createall of the graphics you need for your website, when you need them.
With this app, it's easy and fun to create as many images as you want. Just select a template. Then you have two easy options to make a logo:
1) Add your business name, save and export in just a few minutes or 2) Spend a little more time adding and modifying the included elements, objects, characters, and photos to make it completely your own. Just drag and drop, pinch or spin each element into the right size and the right place.
No Photoshop or other expensive and difficult program experience required!